Measurements Guide

This guide is here to aid you in identifying the necessary measurements needed for custom fitting your wheelchair to your needs.  These are questions that we need to ask to ensure a proper fit and we are happy to answer any questions you may have, just by calling us TOLL FREE at 800-890-5113.

Chair Width: The width of the widest points of the chair, outside of wheel to outside of wheel.

Seat Width:  The width of the seat.  From inside armrest to inside armrest.

Seat-to-Floor Height: Measure from the back of the user's knee to the floor, ensure the foot is flat on the floor.

Arm Type: Desk or Full.  Desk arms are smaller to accommodate sitting close to work desks.


What measurements do I need?

Chair Width:  Look at your most narrow doorway (usually the bathroom) and that will tell you how wide you need the entire chair to be in order to fit through your doorway.

Seat Width: With your desired chair width in mind, look for the best width to fit the patient comfortably.

Seat-to-Floor Height: For patient comfort, the legs should rest simply on the floor, without any dangling or lifting of the knees required.  This is very important if the patient is intending to use their feet to self propel the wheelchair.

Arm Type: Is the patient going to be sitting at a desk or a table?  If so, then you will want desk arms.  However, Full arms provide more assistance when standing or sitting.  Depending on the model some Full arms will completely disconnect from the wheelchair.